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Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc.

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West Hwy 156 Auctioneers:             
P.O. Box 300 Jim Froetschner & Larry Carr
Larned, KS   67550 Real Estate Broker: Rita Kurtz
(620) 285-3148

  A Carr Auction Doesn't Cost, It Pays!                   









Copyright 2004

Carr Auction &

 Real Estate, Inc.

All rights reserved.


CARR AUCTION & REAL ESTATE has been conducting successful auctions since 1965 selling land, homes, machinery, household items, appliances, antiques, guns, and coins. 

Contact Information:                                            

Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc. Phone:   620-285-3148
West Highway 156 Fax:  620-285-7340
P.O. Box 300 E-mail:
Larned, KS  67550 Web Site:

gavel.gif (10406 bytes)      To Better Serve our customers better, we offer:

  Over a 40,000 square foot auction gallery.   Absentee bidding.
  A mobile office.   Complete appraisal service.
  Indoor and outdoor storage.     Pickup and delivery services.
  Real Estate sales by private treaty.   Real Estate sales by auction.


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   (Member of Kansas Auctioneers Association and National Auctioneers Association)
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